Tuesday, October 4, 2011

El Paso!

We made it here safe and sound. El Paso is literally a stones throw away from Juarez Mexico. I can see Mexico from our hotel. We had a great flight here thanks to Southwest Airlines First Officer Dwayne. This place is wild. The population is 80% Hispanic. Last night we had our tour auction where we buy and sell each other for fun and I sold for $85. It was a pretty hilarious night. Everyone here is really nice and helpful. That's all for now and here is a picture with Dwayne before our flight.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almost Done with the 9-pack

We are on our way to the Tulsa State Fair for the last time....finally. Three more shows to do today and we are finished with the nine pack. Whew! After the shows we pack out and since we are flying to El Paso we have tonight to sleep in our beds and get up tomorrow morning to head to the airport. I am so glad we get a bed to sleep in. I will let you all know how the shows go.

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Location:Tulsa,United States